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SRM Indoor Electronic Trainer

I hate to say it, but in a couple of months, cyclists everywhere will have to start thinking about hanging up their bike up for the winter.  -_- 

However, winter can also be a great incubation period to keep training and stay fit for next year’s riding season. Right ?  😆 

SRM’s new indoor trainer just might be the ticket to thwart those winter doldrums, and keep on riding – albeit indoors.  😀  


SRM, the specialist for Ergometer, IndoorTrainer and on-bike performance measurement presents the evolution of the SRM IndoorTrainer: the SRM IndoorTrainer Electronic. 

SRM has responded to the request of many customers to deliver the SRM IndoorTrainer with electronically controllable flywheel. In cooperation with the Italian company Gobat a magnetic brake has been developed which carries on the realistic riding experience of the previous flywheel, but can also be controlled electronically.

The brake can be connected via USB cable or Bluetooth LE 4.0 with your computer, or controlled via an app installed on the smartphone or tablet. Additionally, a handlebar remote is included to manually increase or decrease resistance in 10 watt increments or change magnetic brake position.


Those who want to start the season with great fitness cannot afford to take a break during the winter. With the SRM IndoorTrainer your training is independent from the weather. By developing the SRM IndoorTrainer, SRM has analyzed the weaknesses of the classic "Spinning" bikes and developed better solutions. The result was an IndoorTrainer which is made for cyclists who are searching for a professional and long-lasting training tool.

The rotation speed of the flywheel is important for the cycling feeling.When the flywheel is turning fast, the feeling simulates cycling with a big gear on a flat road. When the flywheel is turning slower the feeling simulates climbing a mountain. Normal spinning bikes only have one gear, which means that the rotation speed of the flywheel depends directly on the cadence. The flywheel only turns fast with a high cadence and it only turns slowly at low cadence. SRM saw this problem and uses in its IndoorTrainers a seamless, gear-free shifting NuVinci®N360™ hub with a big range. So the cadence and the rotation speed of the flywheel isn’t directly proportional. That means that flywheel speed can operate independently from cadence. When combined with an almost 30 kg flywheel, the result is a much more realistic cycling experience.

  • The very strong magnetic brake together with the wide range of the NuVinci®N360™ hub allows an enormous brake power. That means that with a cadence of 40 rpm and a 53 chainring a maximum brake power of about 400 Watt is possible. With a cadence of 120 rpm and a 53 chainring the maximum brake power is about 1.400 Watt. By mounting bigger chainrings and reducing the distance from the magnetic wing and the flywheel you can raise the brake power in at all cadence levels. In contrast, the minimum brake power with a cadence of 80 rpm is below 80 Watt. Professionals and Amateurs can train on the same tool!
  • The wearless magnetic brake and the gear-free shifting NuVinci®N360™ hub are controlled by the handlebar mounted grip shifters. By using the 40 steps of the shifter for the magnetic brake, every resistance is fast and exactly reproducible. Perfect for interval training!
  • In opposition to the most spinning bikes, the NuVinci®N360™ hub has a free-wheel. That´s what most cyclists are used to from their road or mountain bikes. This completely eliminates the high cadence "banking" of the crank that is a common problem for most normal spinning bikes.


The step-less adjustment of the seat position with length and height adjustable posts allows the SRM IndoortTrainer to fit people between 165 and 200 cm tall. By using the included marking scales each rider can quickly and easily find their seat position.


The large 30kg FlyMass gives the IndoorTrainer a realistic outdoor-ride feel, similar to riding on a flat road. With the addition of magnetic resistance and the NuVinci internal shifting rear hub, selecting the perfect level of resistance has never been easier!


The SRM IndoorTrainer is compatible with Univet System’s VirtualTraining software. Designed to challenge as well as track your performance, the VirtualTraining software provides thousands of virtual routes to download and ride while training indoors!

Use the desktop or tablet app to train smart with your trainer! Compare your efforts against previous efforts, as well as other athletes who have ridden the same virtual route. You can browse, create and even share routes!

VirtualTraining is the ultimate indoor cycling experience and perfect companion to the SRM IndoorTrainer!

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