- - Stages Cycling Power Meter Ready to Debut

Stages Cycling Power Meter Ready to Debut

Simple, svelte, sealed and fully contained, the sensor is compatible with virtually every component group on the market that’s non carbon fiber – sorry Campy lovers
. The crank mounted sensor retrieves power by simply measuring the amount of "force" generated from the non drive side in the form of strain gauges. Simply put, instead of a power meter that solely measures deflection of material, Stage’s system is designed to register tangential rotational force based on geometrical orientation, that in turn isolates force rotational data times two. Got it ? Yeah, right ! Anyway, looking at the design, it’s pretty apparent that the crank mounted "gradunza" sends power information via ANT+ , or Bluetooth to the handlebar mounted "braggaccula" of your choice (i.e. Garmin, Power Tap, smart phones ect..) that proceeds to map out all of your ride data. Dig ?

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