- - The "Urbanized" Cycling Shoe by Jillian Tackaberry

The "Urbanized" Cycling Shoe by Jillian Tackaberry

Aimed at the urban cyclist and/or  "commuter", the "Urbanized Cycling Shoe" was designed with two goals in mind: to keep cyclists dry and look good while doing it. With standard cycling shoes, cyclists must carry a second pair of shoes in order to have something to change into after riding. However, this concept takes a less rigid approach, by designing a cycling shoe that is both waterproof and functional, while at the same time, making them a comfortable and wearable shoe that can also be worn during regular activities.

Additionally, built in LED lights at the heels also provide a layer of safety not offered by other  cycling shoes.

Minimal, sleek and stylish, you might find yourself wearing them even when you’re not cycling!

From Jillian Tackaberry

For many, avoiding the rain is difficult when it comes to commuting. This is particularly true for individuals who live in rainier cities such as London or Seattle. Right now there are many way in which people adapt to the rain, but it usually involves buying extra accessories to keep your feet dry.

My goal was to design a more seamless alternative creating a rainproof, weather proof, cycling shoe design.

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