- - The Munga "Million Dollar Race" Postponed

The Munga "Million Dollar Race" Postponed

While we stick mostly to the pavement here, the announcement of a million dollar prize for the winner of the newly organized Munga mountain bike race, peaked our interested last May. 

Unfortunately, all of the would-be hopefuls will to have put-off fantasizing about counting all that dosh.

Organizers for the 1000 kilometer off-road event, announced yesterday that the race has been postponed indefinitely. 🙁  

Press Release

14 October 2014

The worlds toughest race – faces a tough challenge

The Munga, a 1000km, single-stage mountain bike race is disappointed to announce that its inaugural race, set for 3 December 2014 across the Karoo in South Africa, has been postponed.

“The Munga offers more than just a race, it’s a test against the toughest of external elements – and today we face one of the race’s toughest challenges, having to postpone the event to 2015, as one of our key investors has withdrawn,” says Alex Harris, renowned explorer, athlete, founder of Xplore Authentic Experiences and Race Director of The Munga.

“The vision of The Munga remains clear; to create a global platform where we completely challenge the norm and format of endurance racing and the individuals’ perception of what is possible.  Given the integrity of our brand and partners, we have taken the decision to postpone the race to 2015 with immediate effect.

“The amount of local and global interest in The Munga has been phenomenal and we are so excited and honoured to be at the forefront of making endurance and mountain bike racing history,” concludes Harris.

“The Munga Dream has not changed and is just getting stronger”

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