- - The RetroRonde van Vlaanderen: Belgium

The RetroRonde van Vlaanderen: Belgium

‘The RetroRonde van Vlaanderen’ is a nostalgic and colourful cycling event during which riders from all over Europe wear retro clothing and ride classic bicycles. In this 7th edition we celebrate the centenary of the original Tour of Flanders. It will be 100 years to the day since the first Tour of Flanders was ridden.

The RetroRonde is not a competition, it’s a leisurely Sunday ride. You can choose to follow a route of 40, 70 or 100km through the rolling landscape of the Flemish Ardennes and up and down those well known cobblestoned slopes which make the race so famous. The bicycles you ride should date from before 1987 (or vintage styled) and so should the clothing you wear. You can stop in some of the scenic locations along the road, and refuel with local food and drink.

The day before, on Saturday 25th of May registrations are open; there’s a bicycle swap meet, the election of the most authentic riders, a criterium race in the city centre of Oudenaarde as well as a swinging’ Retro Dansant. So you’ll have plenty of opportunities to warm up those legs for the next day!

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