- - Vittoria Launches New IKON Road Shoe

Vittoria Launches New IKON Road Shoe

Vittoria has launched a new, top of the line, lightweight road shoe called – the IKON. 

The new IKON features a unique upper that’s made from Microfiber Soft Touch material, which allows for maximum breathability thanks it’s laser cut "micro holes". In addition, the insole is moldable, so riders can create a custom fit, while the outer sole partakes of a new uni-directional carbon fiber, that was specially made for the IKON. Furthermore, the carbon sole  incorporates air vents, that are designed to keep air flowing through the shoe.  

The IKON’s retention system, is Vittoria’s new SPP Micrometrics Closure System, which allows riders to easily open and close their shoes, as well as as adjust them while riding. The new shoe also has a heel retention system as well, that serves to keep the IKON in place under pedal pressure – throughout the range of motion.

According to Vittoria, the IKON weighs in at svelte 229g – making it one of the lightest shoe available.  

The Ikon sells at the hefty price of $499, and it’s available in sizes ranging from 38 to 48, with half sizes throughout the range.

Perhaps, the best thing about the IKON, are the Porsche inspired "Signal" orange and green color options. Dig!


IKON, a high performance cycling shoe proudly made in Italy. Featuring a 
unique design with the uppers made in Microfiber Soft Touch and our Advance 
One frame technology that gives an aggressive/racing look with the frame in 
black and the uppers chromatic contrast in orange, white or green. 
SSP Vittoria micrometrics clousure system, Vittoria UD carbon sole and 
performance moldable insole.



Microfiber Tech, with nano holes laser cutting 
technology. Nylon mesh upper support. 
SSP micrometrics fastening system.

Full Carbon UD Air System Sole “ Freccia 
Tricolore” (38-48) 
Full Carbon UD Speedplay sole (40-48)


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