- - A Closer Look at the Scicon AeroTech Evolution TSA Bike Case

A Closer Look at the Scicon AeroTech Evolution TSA Bike Case

With over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bicycle cases and bags, Scicon is established as global leader in bike transportation. 20 professional cycling teams and over 16 elite triathletes choose to travel with our products because they know that we offer the highest level of protection while maintaining ease of use making travel stress free.

It is through constant collaboration with these athletes that helps us to engineer and manufacture products with the highest level of functionality and design tailored to the specific needs of a bike enthusiast.

Scicon launched their first bike box 25 years ago. It was the first bike box to hit the market en mass and has only grown in popularity since and has been developed and upgraded through the decades into what is now the AeroTech Evolution TSA.

We believe that that the most important features of a bike box are:

  • Weight
  • Ease of packing
  • Maneuverability
  • Protection

These principles combined are the driving force behind the concept and design of this bike case. Ultra cyclist & Scicon Ambassador Mike Cotty who is known for his eductational and inspiring video series The Col Collective has been travelling around the world for the past two seasons protecting his bike in this bike box:

“When it comes to travel safety I’ve found the Aerotech Evolution to be the absolute KING of the bike box jungle. Having done well over 20 flights with it this year it’s proven to be super robust against heavy baggage handlers and resilient to their lack of consideration towards my two-wheeled prized possession. It’s compact and the 360 degree wheels make it easy to navigate through a busy airport at speed as opposed to drag. Internal protection is second to none.”


Scicon sourced and developed materials for the construction of the AeroTech Evolution TSA bike box which offer superior protection and are lightweight.


Patented super high impact ABS multi layered composite the SCICON SC-100HI ABS composite offers superior mechanical properties and excellent surface quality. Innovative material with advanced impact and abrasion resistance, approved by highest standards for application in the automotive industry.

This blend of ABS is less brittle with 20% more elasticity than standard ABS. This means that it can absorb impacts more effectively and adjust to sudden temperature changes during air transit.

The use of this innovative material in the AeroTech Evolution TSA bike case allows the optimum balance of protection and weight, qualifying it the best bike case in the world.



Protective and cushioning high density foam for products with high impact exposure. Innovative sandwich structure with different grades of layer thickness from high impact closed cell composition to high resilience.


Top quality fabric made from woven 210 denier Nylon thread with strong PU backing. Fine and lightweight, while abrasion resistant, the SCICON SIGNITEX™ provides optimal properties for the use in the internal padding protection of the Aerotech Evolution TSA.





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