- - A New Brand of Coffee Claims to Give Cyclists a Boost in Performance

A New Brand of Coffee Claims to Give Cyclists a Boost in Performance

A new brand of coffee called TrueStart claims to contain the right amount of caffeine to give cyclists a real boost in performance. 

Indeed, TrueStart says that most coffees only contain between 10mg and 250mg of caffeine, while its own brand guarantees that every 2g serving has 95mg of caffeine, thus giving cyclists a measured boost of performance. 

TrueStart says its coffee undergoes a freeze drying process, as compared to others which are spray dried, and it only contains Colombian Arabica beans which are free from additives and synthetics, often found in sports drinks.

Born out of the desire to create a caffeine-based energy source that was sugar-free, cyclists Simon and Helena Hills, started TrueStart.

“TrueStart was born from our personal experiences while training for an Ironman triathlon. Coffee became our go-to energy boost but, we were both experiencing varying and unpredictable effects.

“TrueStart ensures you receive the exact amount of caffeine to deliver the physiological benefits and appeals to the growing desire for natural, sugar-free caffeine sources among sports and fitness communities.”

TrueStart is based in the Uk, but also offers their products for sale to us yanks here in the USA online at:

Cyclists can now fill it to the rim with something better than Brim! 

from TrueStart

People drink TrueStart Performance Coffee for 3 reasons…

1. Know what you’re drinking

Did you know that the amount of caffeine in your usual coffee varies wildly, even if you stick to the same blend? Your average supermarket coffee could contain as little as 2mg and as much as 200mg per serving, because caffeine is a naturally occurring part of coffee and therefore varies with each crop.

TrueStart is the only coffee that guarantees the consistently high, optimum caffeine content equivalent to a sports gel (75-115mg per 2g serving). This is down to the sophisticated technology used during our freeze drying process, which enables us to regulate the caffeine content in our premium coffee, without adding anything you wouldn’t want – no chemicals, no sugar, just 100% natural coffee.

2. Enjoy exceptional taste

TrueStart will change the way you view instant coffee. It will change the way you view coffee altogether. Instant coffee gets a bad reputation for two reasons – the quality of the beans that are generally used and the taste-destroying manufacturing processes.

TrueStart is different. Our beans are single-origin, 100% Colombian Arabica, handpicked by farmers who are respected and motivated to bring you the best. Colombian coffee is recognised for being mild and clean with relatively high acidity, a balanced body, pronounced aroma and exceptional taste profile. This is due to the favourable climate, highly absorbent soil, botanical original of the species and the natural wet-coffee process. TrueStart is freeze dried to lock in the flavour, not spray dried. Our high standards of quality control make TrueStart a unique, clean coffee which tastes delicious and won’t leave you feeling groggy.

3. Get all the necessary caffeine, without the sugar

With TrueStart, you can naturally regulate your caffeine intake. We all know that sugar is bad for you, so why force down an energy drink or gel when all you need is a caffeine boost? TrueStart provides the same amount of caffeine as a typical energy drink or gel but without the sugar.

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