- - AbsoluteBlack Dazzles with HollowCage Derailleur Pulley

AbsoluteBlack Dazzles with HollowCage Derailleur Pulley

AbsoluteBlack has unveiled its new HollowCage rear derailleur pulley, which features a carbon-polymer cage, oversized ceramic bearings and advanced silencing pulleys that’s nothing short of dazzling.

“Our HollowCage marks a new era in silent derailleur operation with a unique mono-plate design that’s the quietest, best shifting, aerodynamic cage design created to date,” boasts AbsoluteBlack.

According to AbsoluteBlack, the HollowCage is capable of reducing sound by 12-14db, roughly a 60% reduction in noise compared to standard Dura-Ace pulleys thanks to its X-ring rubber suspended bands that are designed to dampen the chain impact on the guide pulley teeth, eliminating engagement noise that the British brand says is “the single biggest contributor to overall drivetrain noise.”

Additionally, in order to provide excellent alignment, AbsoluteBlack has created a mono plate cage that can “dynamically adapt to the chain angle”, while HollowCage also uses taller tooth profiles in order to ensure precise shifting precision and better aerodynamic efficiency. Moreover, the brands explains that the HollowCage’s spring tension allows it to perfectly align with the chain, something that can pay the same dividends as premium ceramic bearings and lubrication.

“There is a linear correlation between spring tension and the power losses generated by the cage. Shallow pulley teeth paradoxically require higher spring tension to maintain reasonable shifting quality. The HollowCage is using lower spring tension than any other cage on the market, while still providing excellent shifting thanks to the unique combination of pulley stiffness and tall teeth profiles,” explains AbsoluteBlack.

The HollowCage sells for $699, which tips the scales at a feathery 71g, making it one of the lightest oversized cages on the market.

The HollowCage is available in five different anodized finishes for the lower pulley lockring, black, gold, red, titanium and PVD rainbow that’s compatible with Shimano Dura-Ace R9100/R9150 and Ultegra R8000/R8050 series rear derailleurs with up to 32T cassettes.






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