- - Acer Unveils New eKinekt Bike Desk

Acer Unveils New eKinekt Bike Desk

Acer has unveiled its latest eKinekt BD 3 bike desk, a desk combined with a stationary bike that’s designed to empower sustainable and healthier lifestyles by allowing office personnel to exercise while they work.

Relying on a simple LCD display and a companion smartphone app, workers can monitor the number of calories burned and the distance they’ve traveled, while seamlessly adjusting the bike’s resistance, seat height and desk height.

However, perhaps the EKinekt BD 3’s most important feature, is the bike’s ability to generate 75 watts of power based on 60 RPM’s of pedaling, allowing workers to power their computers and devices courtesy of two USB Type-A and one USB Type-C ports.

Additionally, two modes are offered, a Working Mode that sees the desk and padded seat brought closer together to allow for a more upright work position, or the Sports Mode that pushes the desk forward so the worker achieve a more intensive training session via buttons that are located on the side of the LCD panel.

Other notable features include a LED charging indicator that lights up when pedal action is being converted to useable energy, while the top of the desk and the outer casing are both made from post-consumer recycled plastic.

The eKinekt BD 3 sells for $999, with availability in the US starting in June.  





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