- - "Active Commuting" Creates Storage Solutions for Cyclists

“Active Commuting” Creates Storage Solutions for Cyclists

In keeping with the whole push to “go green”, and growing number of urban cyclists who have turned to their bikes as a primary source for transportation, a British company has come up with some interesting ways for businesses and organizations who have no means for storage or employee facilities – to accommodate those who bike to work.

The company, Active Commuting, has developed a modular system of units that can be used to not only secure workers’ bikes, but provide them with showers, changing areas and lockers in an efficient and affordable way. 

Company founder, Andrew Rechten, came up with the concept after finding himself without the put facilities to store his bike, and get “cleaned up” at his previous job.

“I use to commute between 3500-4000 miles a year from Romford into the City of London, but there were no facilities to store a bike,” Rechten said.

“So I looked for secure bike parking, somewhere to store my kit and with showers. I went to a firm that had all those facilities but they had 14-month waiting list!

“I’m now on a sort of a mission, because I love cycle commuting. I want to try to find out the most economic model for bike storage that’s as portable, adaptable and scalable as possible.”

According to Active Commuting, their smallest unit only takes up the equivalent of two parking spaces, yet it’s capable of accommodating as many as 34 bikes and provide 80 locker units, along with separate changing and shower areas for men and women.

Again, as the need to lower our carbon footprint continues to reach greater global awareness, and as a growing number of our workers have turned to their bikes as a means to achieve this goal, Active Commuting is hoping that businesses and organizations will embrace their concept for the future. 

A much needed return to Bauhaus, eh ?!facilities/c17ze

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