- - Adidas Dazzles with Radical New 3D CMPT Sunglasses

Adidas Dazzles with Radical New 3D CMPT Sunglasses

Adidas has launched a radical new model of sunglasses called the 3D CMPT, which as its name implies uses 3D-printing technology to create a one-piece frame that weighs in at a feathery 20 gams.

Made in partnership with Marcolin, the 3D CMPT features a flexible nylon structure that’s treated with a special coating to create a rubberized, spiraling texture throughout the frame, while non-slip contact points on the nose pads and temples are designed to ensure a comfortable fit that will keep the sunglasses in place during activities. Moreover, the open 3D-structure is also designed to maximize ventilation.

Additionally, the 3D CMPT feature Adidas’ UV-blocking Base 7 polycarbonate lens, which claim to provide high visual definition in all weather conditions, while also protecting the eyes from obstacles and reducing fatigue.

Want a pair?

Be ready to act fast and plunk down some serious cash, as the 3D CMPT sunglasses are limited to just 150 pairs and sell for a whopping $415. 

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