- - Adidas Launches 99g Adizero Evasus Bib Short

Adidas Launches 99g Adizero Evasus Bib Short

To create the perfect mate to its ultra lightweight Adizero cycling jersey, which incidentally, claims to be the world’s lightest at 65g, Adidas has announced the launch of its 99g Evasus bib short.

The new Evasus bib shorts achieves its lightweight by using a specific blend of Lycra fabric, which is comprised of 73% nylon and 27% elastane tricot, through special weave process. In addition, bonded bib straps, laser cut TrailingEdge hems and a variable thickness pad, have been used to further reduce weight.

According to Adidas, their TMF padded insert saves weight by providing maximum padding only in the areas where it’s needed. And, despite its minimalist design, can provide excellent comfort for up to six hours of riding.

In addition, the Evasus bib’s feature UV protection as well, which is quite a feat for such ultra thin material.

The bad news is, as of yet, there’s no word on availability for us yanks here in the USA.

No surprise there, Europe always seems to get the good stuff first.   👿 

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