- - ALE Stamps its Authority on Spring and Summer with 2017 Collection

ALE Stamps its Authority on Spring and Summer with 2017 Collection

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We would be telling a big, fat Italian lie if we didn’t say ALE was our favorite brand of cycling apparel, so much so, that we had them produce our own kit.

However, as bias as we might be, there’s no denying that ALE has stamped its authority on this season with a dazzling array of new togs for  Spring/Summer 2017. 

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This season’s collection comprises everything from jerseys and bib shorts, to foul weather gear and even a stylish retro cap, which touch upon all areas of the style spectrum.

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Indeed, there are styles for the all-out “roadie” who’s seeking cutting-edge materials and performance, to those who prefer a more nostalgic flair, if not a subdued one.

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But, don’t just take our word for it, let your eyes do the convincing.



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