- - Alpitude Offers New 3D-Printed Titanium Bottle Cage

Alpitude Offers New 3D-Printed Titanium Bottle Cage

Alpitude has expanded its range of bespoke accessories to included its latest 3D-printed bottle cage aptly dubbed the Superleggero Ti, which tips the scales at a scant 14.7 grams- hardware and all. 

The Superleggero Ti uses the same SLM technology as its carbon fiber counterpart, resulting in a slight weight penalty of just a few grams.

“We started from our carbon cage Design and we adapt it with “Drillium” design to the new additive manufacturing material. All are designed to get lower weights and keep the same bidon tight as the carbon model,” boasts the boutique Italian brand. 

Limited to just 99 pairs, the Superleggero Ti comes in a sand blasted, or in natural Titanium finish, along with its own wooden box for 380,00 €.




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