- - Are Edible Water Packets the Future of Water Bottles?

Are Edible Water Packets the Future of Water Bottles?

The London-based company, Skipping Rocks Lab, has developed a new hydration product, that they’re hoping will one-day see cyclists cast their water bottles aside for.

Called the Ooho!, the packet or blob like object, is something right out of science fiction. But, the company says it can eventually lead to a major reduction in the use of plastic water bottles, if their product is embraced.

So, what do this mean for cyclists ?

According to SRL, the blobs are balls of water encased in an algae-based gel, which can easily be handled and ingested by cyclists – by simply biting down on them and drinking the water that’s contained.

As it stands, the technology seems a bit far-fetched at this point. But, the idea of cyclists not having to handle a tradition water bottle, and simplifying the process of hydrating while on the move, may have future implications in the sport.

Currently, the Ooho! consists of a double membrane, which uses a brown algae extract to create a gel outer layer, that’s about the same thickness of the skin of a fruit. While this may prove to be too fragile for sports applications at this juncture, the product is still in its early stage of development, so who knows what the future may bring.

Just think, instead of “bidons” littering the cobbles, there may one-day only be gel wrappers to clean up.

Ooho! has been nominated for the INDEX:Award Design to Improve Life 2015 competition.

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