- - Aruliden Revisits the Bike Lock with Its Concept "LINK"

Aruliden Revisits the Bike Lock with Its Concept “LINK”


With the never-ending proliferation of bike thievery throughout the world, there’s been no storage of bike engineers trying to perfect the bike lock.

As a result, there are scores of locks to choose from, ranging from the traditional indestructible chain and cable style, to so-called smart-locks that comprise all sorts of codified locking and unlocking wizardry.

Some even possess industrial elegance.


The LINK concept lock appears to be such an example, encompassing security, functionality and engineering beauty all in one. 

Designed by the New York-based Aruliden, the LINK is made from plated steel that’s been “sheathed” in a titanium-ion exterior, which also  contains a GPS chip so owners can track their bike in the event it’s stolen – using a dedicated mobile app.


In addition, when the LINK is not in use, it can act as a rear back rack, by simply using the supplied hardware which can easily attach to any standard seatpost.  


It will be interesting to see if the LINK ever makes its way past the design phase and into production.

Hopefully it will, as the number of bike thefts across the world seem to be increasing by the minute.  




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