- - AX-Lightness VIAL EVO XC Hardtail MTB

AX-Lightness VIAL EVO XC Hardtail MTB


While we’re pretty much inveterate roadies who stick to the pavement here, once in a while a bike of the off-road persuasion comes along that we can’t resist writing about.

Such is the case with AX-Lightness’ new VIAL EVO XC hardtail MTB. 

Based on AX-Lightness’ uber exclusive VIAL EVO D road bike, its new off-road sibling is super lightweight as one would expect – 870g (size M) to be exact. 

But, in addition to its low-weight, AX-Lightness says, the goal of the Vial EVO XC was to develop a frame that also kept “safety, stiffness and riding pleasure” paramount. 

Like all AX-Lightness frames, the Vial EVO XC is 100% handmade at the company’s facility in Germany, using only the latest in premium carbon fiber and fabrication processes akin to the brand’s notorious reputation for turning out some of the very finest composite creations. 

The Vial EVO XC comes compete with Sram’s latest XX1 Eagle 12-speed groupset, as well as AX-Lightness’ own clincher wheels and components. 

Expect to see the Vial EVO XC in all of its glory at this month’s Eurobike Show.

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VIAL evo XC frameset

VIAL evo XC – our interpretation of the perfect rail hardtail!

Based on its road equivalent, the VIAL evo D, the best road bike of the world of the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 (source: RoadBIKE magazine), we are now sending our first MTB frame offroad to here as well take the trails of the worlds by storm.

Its sensationally low weight of just 870 grams (size M) as well as its aggressive geometry give the VIAL evo XC an unmatched responsiveness and agility.

Regardless of its low weight, the primary development targets have been safety, stiffness and riding pleasure. This split has been mastered thanks to the utilization of the latest high-grade materials and production processes, such as the lamination in clean rooms and autoclave curing – 100% handmade in Germany!

The new in-house test bench as well as the expertise of the new owner of ax-lightness composites Bernd Nolte and his team allow the VIAL evo XC to yield stiffnesses that easily surpass those of frames with twice its weight.

The EFBE-certificate attest its high level of safety, stability and durability.

The riding sensation, which already is predetermined by the low weight and ample stiffnesses gets its icing on the cake thanks to its super modern race geometry: Super short chainstays of just 427 mm bring the weight far over the rear wheel and result in an unprecedented traction and agility. That way even in the steepest and loosest terrain there still is enough grip to propel forward pedaling.

The long reach and short head tube allow for a race-worthy seating position. The sleek head angle of 68.5 deg takes away the tendecy of a twitchy, nervous handling due to the backwards orientated weight distribution and yields a superb agility and safety-inducing smoothness. The front wheel is unloaded which makes the front suspension work more efficiently but still keeps enough weight on the front wheel to master the steepest climbs yet reduce the tendency of a nose-over in steep descents.

VIAL evo XC, handmade in Germany, to take the trails of this world by storm!





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