- - Basso Takes to Gravel with New Tera Semi-Suspension Gravel Bike

Basso Takes to Gravel with New Tera Semi-Suspension Gravel Bike

Basso has once again taken to gravel with the launch of its new “semi-suspension” Tera model, which features an aluminum main triangle and a carbon fiber rear, along with a fixed pivot that the Italian brand claims helps to “add back-end flex”.

“In order to make the tried and trusted performance of our the Palta gravel bike available to a wider audience, the Tera takes on a price-conscious yet technologically advanced design to bring Basso gravel capabilities to all. It is the age of carbon and aluminum that Basso has seen fit to put the two together in an effort to create a platform that celebrates the performance qualities and advantages relative to both materials. The first mixed-material, semi-suspension, performance-oriented gravel solution on the market combines an aluminum front triangle with a carbon fiber rear triangle. While it might seem as if similar construction has been seen on the road in the past, the Tera’s construction is quite unique as it provides an ingenious and lightweight solution for suspension. The front triangle is made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum to ensure maximum power transfer where it counts while keeping weight low. The carbon fiber rear triangle on the other hand is bonded directly to the bottom bracket area and via advanced layup technique, form and geometry ensure both an efficient structure as well as extremely compliant vertical flex. The fixed pivot design allows for up to 8 mm of flex while remaining extremely efficient in terms of power transfer,” explains Basso.

According to Basso, the fixed-pivot, semi-suspension carbon rear triangle pairs well with its Palta-derived front fork to deliver optimal compliance, while also allowing clearance for tires up to 45mm.

“The Tera’s sturdy construction, compliant fork and rear triangle and spacing for large tires make for a machine ready for anything. The addition of dropper post compatibility adds both a degree of fearlessness and versatility. The Tera is ready for any terrain or adventure you care to take on,” says Basso.

The Tera also features full internal cable routing (minus the brake hose, which runs directly from the bar to the fork), making for both a cleaner aesthetic and better protection for the drivetrain and brake system, as well as seamless compatibility with both 1x and 2x drivetrains.

Additionally, the Tera will accept a dropper seatpost, along with provisions for up to four bottle cages and mudguards/fenders or racks.

There’s even a straight-bar version.

Basso has yet to announce pricing and availability for the Tera.





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