- - Bike Meets Solar-Power to Create Urban 'Bike Share Farm" Concept

Bike Meets Solar-Power to Create Urban ‘Bike Share Farm” Concept

The People’s Industrial Design Office, which is the design branch of Beijing-based firm the People’s Architecture Office, has developed a solar-powered urban farm that sits atop two interconnected bicycles.

Named “bike share farm”, the hydroponic system was designed with wide-range mobility in mind, which allows the scheme to be ridden from place-to-place and shared among a larger number of people.

The concept clearly draws its inspiration from both bike sharing schemes and desire to create innovative ways to increase sustainable farming in urban areas.

The frame of the “farm” is designed to interface with virtually any style of bike, wherein any cyclist can attach his or her bike to the structure, and easily death it for others to use.

The frame itself comprises an array of solar panels, which generate energy, and small plants that fit into a connected series of tubes.

The People’s Industrial Design Office designed and built the project during a 72 hour “hackathon” in Seoul, a design event where creatives collaborated intensively on a range of different projects.

Organized by Art Center Nabi, the project addresses the theme “prototyping of sharing eco city with technology”, and invites professionals to generate ideas on urban and ecological issues.

“Seoul is a massive vertical city with minimal garden space”, explains the People’s Industrial Design Office. “Mobile farms can make shared urban farming possible in such a dense megacity”, the firm adds. 

Holy kimchi is all we can say about this project. 😯  








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