- - "Bike Nicks" Cycling Lingerie for Women

“Bike Nicks” Cycling Lingerie for Women


There’s a new brand of cycling lingerie for women called Bike Nicks, and it ain’t your grandmother’s bloomers.

According to Bike Nicks, their aim wasn’t to simply design “performance wear”, but to create “luxurious lifestyle padded cycle lingerie for women cyclists who want to feel safe and comfortable while looking amazing in the saddle.” We couldn’t agree more.

In fact, we can’t think of any other cycling apparel brand that’s met its target quite like Bike Nicks.

Decidedly that, if Bike Nicks were to set-up a crowd-funding campaign, we would all gladly donate our life-savings to see that the project was fully-funded!

Hubba hubba!!!!!! 

more from Bike Nicks…

We at Bike nicks think all female cyclists have gorgeous exteriors and should be proud of them! That they embrace their bodies, feel empowered, be expressive. Our message to them is to be inclusive, be stylish but never too serious and to have fun.

As independent women who love being outdoors and experiencing the freedom of two wheels, it is vital to design products for such people that captivates and inspires them.

Moreover we think we need more fashion and style on our bikes, wherever you’re riding. So we created two Bike nicks styles so that you are well protected no matter what your outfit is, no matter where your journey takes you, whatever the occasion.

Wear Bike nicks and be stylish and comfortable as you cycle freely in your daily life…Feel secretly snug! Be gorgeous and bold in the knowledge you are wearing stylish, beautiful undies. Have confidence as you ride in style. Trust that you are fresh all day.




Bike Nicks

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