- - Bikepacking the "Cordillera de Fuego" in Chile

Bikepacking the “Cordillera de Fuego” in Chile

Cordillera de Fuego is a new short film that follows the Montanus duo on a bikepacking trip across Bio Bìo and Araucania, two regions in southern Chile.

The story started some years ago when Giorgio and Francesco’s interests were piqued by photos from Skyler de Roches’ trip in Araucanìa.

The two planned a route to explore the wild side of this area but had to wait until last April due to the pandemic.

The film transports us into a timeless world, a land dominated by snow-capped volcanos, and thousands of living fossils: the Araucaria Araucanìa (Monkey Puzzle tree).

This adventure led the Montanus duo to capture their experience using age-old methods of documentation and map-making.

Watch the film below!

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