- - BMC Launches New Disc Brake Equipped Roadmachine

BMC Launches New Disc Brake Equipped Roadmachine


BMC announced today, the launch of it’s new range of disc brake equipped Roadmachine bikes. 

Strewn across three model ranges, the new Roadmachine is destine to catered to enthusiasts who are embracing the gravel grinder/endurance segment, with a bike that meets their budget. 

The Roadmachine 01 and 02 are differentiated by virtue of their carbon fiber composition and lay-up, with the Roadmachine 01 representing BMC’s lightest and most advanced premium carbon, along with the brand’s integrated cockpit system, which provides concealment of electronic groupset cables and hydraulic disc brake lines.

The 03 however, resorts to a more cost effective aluminum frame and carbon fork. But, the 03 provides additional tire clearance up to 32mm, as compared to 30mm for the 01 and 02.  

Nevertheless, all three Roadmachine models feature flat-mount disc brakes and 12mm thru axles front and rear. The 01 and 02 models will also feature BMC’s top cap spacer system, similar to its Teammachime SLR model, which allows riders to tailor the amount of stack height.


The Roadmachine 01 is available in three builds or as a frameset for $4700.

The Dura-Ace Di2 version is priced at $11000, while Ultegra Di2 is $7500. A standard mechanical Ultegra groupset is also available for $6000.

The Roadmachine 02 equipped with Ultegra Di2 sells for $5300, while its mechanical counterpart is $3000. 

The Roadmachine 03 built with 105 sells for $2200, while a Tiagra equipped model is available for $2000.

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The One-bike Collection

For riders who want it all, this is the bike of choice. From axle to axle, the new Roadmachine delivers sleek and integrated technologies, offering a hint of free speed from every angle. Combined with the ultimate advancements in a Re-Tuned Compliance Concept, this bike re-shapes the endurance bike category – lightweight, sleek and incredibly integrated. Brilliant pedaling efficiency and ideal compliance for the legendary days of riding – the new Roadmachine has it all.

Roadmachine 01

• Premium carbon 920g (54cm frame) 390g (fork)
• Integrated cockpit
• Flatmount disc brakes
• 12mm Thru-Axles
• Tire clearance 30mm

Roadmachine 02

• Full carbon 1100g (54cm frame) 430g (fork)
• Flatmount disc brakes
• 12mm Thru-Axles
• Hidden fender mounts
• Tire clearance 30mm (with fender 28mm)

Roadmachine 03 1270g (54cm frame) 420g (fork)

• Premium aluminium & carbon
• Flatmount disc brakes
• 12mm Thru-Axles
• Hidden fender mounts
• Hidden rack mounts
• Tire clearance 32mm (with fender 30mm)



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