- - Bradley Wiggins' $9000 Hour Record Chain

Bradley Wiggins’ $9000 Hour Record Chain

photo credits @ Muc-Off

from Muc -Off

On Sunday 7th June, Bradley Wiggins made history yet again, as he smashed the new Hour Record. Most people won’t realize the attention to detail required to break the most iconic cycling record!

We started by speed grading over 40 Shimano Dura-Ace chains on our specialist Muc-Off lab equipment. This was so we were able to hand select only the very fastest, most efficient chains to then be deep cleaned and treated with our groundbreaking new formula. This state of the art formula and treatment process completely pushes the boundaries of chain lube innovation and is designed specifically to keep friction to an absolute bare minimum. A highly advanced new military grade additive has been implemented along with some cutting edge extreme pressure additives, to create an incredibly fast chain lube treatment.

With less than a week to go leading up to the hour attempt, the extremely special chains and chain rings were personally delivered for preliminary testing to the Olympic Velodrome. We were also given the special billet chain rings to be put through the same, rigorous running in process the chains had already received. This process alone was proven to save valuable watts over the hour.

The equipment used to provide the quantitative data, as proof that the Muc-Off R&D program could save real world rider watts, is called C.L.O.D – Chain Lube Optimisation Dynamometer. A device, which was designed, and built in house by Muc-Off, has the ability to test any lubricant and chain combinations to provide detailed quantitative data, on efficiency and durability.

We’re well known for investing in technology; as we share the very same desire and appreciation of marginal gains with all the teams and individuals we passionately work with.

Alex Trimnell, MD at Muc-Off said, “I am so proud that the hard work and investment in technology has paid off, we are delighted to have helped make history! Since 1994, we have been obsessed with innovation and historically there has been so little detailed research into bicycle chain lube efficiency, so it’s very exciting to work on such a cutting edge project. The experience gained from breaking this record will enable us to push the boundaries in everything we do; the world’s fastest chain is just the beginning!”

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