- - Briko Cycling Helmets Return to the US Market

Briko Cycling Helmets Return to the US Market

Once famous for their groovy Stinger cycling glasses donned by such pro’s as Mario Cipollini and Marco Pantani during the 1990’s, Briko has announced its return to the US market with their full range of helmets, which were previously only available in Europe.

Briko entered the market back in 1985 as a ski wax supplier to the Italian national ski team and later added sunglasses, helmets and technical apparel to its product line.

Briko helmets feature an innovative protective system called Fluid Brain Science, which mimics cerebral spinal fluid.

The Fluid technology is currently available in the company’s range of ski helmets, and will be available in their cycling helmets for the 2018-19 season.

Briko has plans to import its Gass, Ventus, and Fuoco helmets, along with its Cyclope and Trident sunglasses.  

You can view the whole range of Briko helmets and eyewear here. 

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