- - If You Have "Buns of Steel" a Full Carbon Saddle Could be the Right Choice

If You Have “Buns of Steel” a Full Carbon Saddle Could be the Right Choice


While a full carbon saddle may not be for everyone, if you have the buns of steel to accommodate one, it can provide a unique sense of comfort.

As a rider who suffered immeasurably from chafing in the past, after every remedy ranging from various brands of chamois cream, to powder and finally carnival grease, failed to provide me with any means of relief, I began experimenting with different saddle shapes and materials.

To make a long story short, I ultimately arrived at a full carbon saddle as a way of trying to reduce the amount of friction between my love-making tackle and the bike seat.

I must admit however, the initial transition from a padded saddle to one with no more cushioning than a railroad spike, was not an easy one. But, over time my beef cakes developed an endurance for a full carbon saddle. And, at one point, it actually grew to be quite comfortable.

That was nigh-on to twenty years ago. And, until this day, I’m still riding a full carbon saddle.

Every once and awhile though, I’ll revisit a padded saddle, but it isn’t long before my undercarriage revolts, and I quickly retreat back to my coveted carbon slab

On the style side of things, I must admit how I admire the way the carbon saddle looks on my bike, and how it serves to shave-off quite a bit of weight.  

Equally, I like to secretly revel in the reaction of other riders when they see it, which inevitably elicits the question – “how do you ride that thing”?  “Quite comfortably”, I often respond.

There aren’t a lot of full carbon saddles available out there. But, if you have the will, and the buns of steel as I said, here are a few choices.

Mind you, short of some poorly made Taiwanese versions, they don’t come cheap.  







selle italia slr c64 new

Selle Italia 


Selle San Marco





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