- - Campagnolo Debuts New Waterproof Backpack

Campagnolo Debuts New Waterproof Backpack

Having treated everyone from die-hard roadies to luminaries in the sport to premium groupsets and wheels for nigh on to a century, Campagnolo has debuted its most unlikely product to date, a new waterproof backpack that’s designed for cyclists of every domination.

“Perfect for any lifestyle and occasion: waterproof, versatile and spacious, solid but lightweight, its urban style is the perfect foil to a racing spirit reflecting your love of cycling. Now just enjoy the route,” says Campagnolo. 

Made with a waterproof thermoplastic polyurethane membrane, the backpack features 18 liters of storage with two outer pockets and waterproof zippers throughout, as well as an adjustable chest strap with a removable abdominal belt to ensure an anchored fit.  

Additionally, Campagnolo says the rear cushioning has been positioned in order to increase airflow, while reflective logos have been added to increase visibility when riding in low-light conditions. 

The new backpack sells for € 159,50, which comes in denim blue.

  • Height 480 mm
  • Width 290 mm
  • Depth 130 mm
  • Volume 18 liters
  • Weight 0.89 kg





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