- - Campagnolo Goes Wider with Shamal Mille Wheelset

Campagnolo Goes Wider with Shamal Mille Wheelset


The current industry trend of going “wider” and “bigger” as it relates to wheelsets, is starting to sound like phraseology borrowed from male-enhancement drugs. But, like every trend that eventually turns into a fad, even the most stolid brands have to get on board in order to remain relevant.

For 2017, Campagnolo has increased the internal width of its Shamal Mille wheelset to 17mm, thus allowing tire choices up to 28mm.

Why anyone with a high end road bike desirous of optimal performance would want to equip it with 28mm tires, seems at odds with established methods. But, then again, there’s the burgeoning gravel bike/adventure cycling segment that seems to be captivating the market. Didn’t they used to call it a cyclocross bike?

Anyway, we’re sure some folks in Vicenza feel the same way.


In addition, to a wider internal rim, the Shamal Mille gets a revamped brake track, which now features a new grooved surface for improved stopping power and modulation, as well as heat dissipation.

The wheelset also receives a sleek new dark finish which compliments the growing number of matte black carbon framsets on the market. 

Now those are worthwhile editions. 



more from Campagnolo…

The gold standard of performance aluminum racing wheels goes by the name of Shamal.

The stealth version of this performance wheelset goes by the name of Shamal Mille and the sophisticated surface treatment that gives this wheelset its sleek and elegant dark look also represents a signifi cant performance advantage. This treatment permits surefooted and strong braking power, above and beyond that of normal aluminium rims, in both wet and dry conditions.

New for this year is a C17 rim that ensures a better rim/tire interface and thus improved performance espescially when using 25 and 28mm tires. The already elegant wheelset gets a facelift in the form of black anodized nipples, to complete its understated dark look 100%.

The new Shamal Mille is sure to turn heads of both the competition on race day as well as those next to you at the stoplight.

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