- - Toronto, Canada's Wacky "Icycle Ice Race"

Toronto, Canada’s Wacky “Icycle Ice Race”


In the past, we’ve seen bikes raced under the ice and also in the nude, but this is the first time we’ve observed bikes being on ice while also in the nude (almost, that is).

Each year Toronto, Canada plays host to the wacky Icycle Ice Race, wherein cyclists of all denominations take to the ice at the Dufferin Grove Park rink, riding all sorts of bicycle contraptions and donning all manner of usual attire. Or, in some cases, little to no attire. 

With bikes are equipped with stubbed tires, cyclists take to the icy rink, with the obvious goal of crossing the finish first in order to be crowned  the winner.

However, the word is, most participants are happy just to finish.

Hmm… which makes us wonder, is there a penalty box for those who don’t finish?






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