- - Canyon Launches Latest Ultimate CF EVO Road Bike

Canyon Launches Latest Ultimate CF EVO Road Bike


Despite Canyon’s recent announcement that sales to these shores will be delayed a bit, there’s no reason why prospective customers here in the USA can’t start salivating over the release of the German brand’s latest version of its flagship road bike – the Ultimate CF EVO.

According to Canyon, the newest Ultimate CF EVO utilizes such an exclusive type of ultra high modulus carbon fiber, that it required “special permission from the Japanese Ministry of Defense to access”.

Canyon says, this top-secret carbon, combined with titanium “hardware” in key places, has yielded a frameset that weighs in at an astonishingly light 665g for the frame and an equally svelte 270g for the fork.

“During the development of the latest 4th generation Ultimate CF SLX, Canyon engineers explored the potential of raising the bar of frameset performance to new levels.” “By combining our leading carbon expertise with state-of-the-art materials previously unused in the industry, we were able to create the Ultimate CF EVO,” says Canyon.


However, above and beyond Canyon’s remarkable engineering feat, the Ultimate CF EVO is available in a decked-out build group that includes such lust-worthy components as Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer tubular wheels and THM’s Clavicular crankset and Fibular brakes.

In the end, Canyon says this version of the Ultimate CF EVO weighs at an incredibly light 10.9lbs, making it quite possibly the lightest production road bike available.

“The secrets behind its outstanding figures lie within an extensively optimised layup, consisting of ultra-high modulus pitch-based fibers that required special permission from the Japanese Ministry of Defence to access. These fibers enable the Ultimate CF EVO to deliver previously unheard of levels of stiffness and responsiveness at its incredibly low weight. Each part of the bike, from its fork to its seatpost to its integrated cockpit, has been subjected to the same tests and standards as the rest of the Ultimate range, to create a bike that is meant for the roads, not the trophy case,” said Canyon. 


While pricing for the U.S. market has yet to be set, Canyon is showing European pricing for this version of the Ultimate CF EVO at a whopping €13,000.


However, for those who don’t have that many deutschmarks in their bank account, the Ultimate CF EVO will be available in a number of lesser expensive build groups, to include a disc brake version.




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