- - Canyon Uses Coffee in Its Paint for Special Edition Speedmax CF SLX Road Bike

Canyon Uses Coffee in Its Paint for Special Edition Speedmax CF SLX Road Bike

Cyclists are notorious for consuming coffee by the tankards. But, Canyon has decided to bring riders even closer to the Jitter Juice by adding 7 grams of finely ground coffee to the mix of its Speedmax CF SLS’ special edition paint job.

As a nod to Olympic gold medalist and three-time Ironman world champ Jan Frodeno, Canyon has dubbed its special edition bike the Speedmax CF SLX 8 Disc Frodissimo, a moniker that reflects the triathlete’s own brand of coffee.

“We’re proud to introduce the Speedmax CF SLX 8 Disc Frodissimo: a bike as magnificent as its name suggests. Frodissimo isn’t only Jan Frodeno’s nickname – it’s his brand, and a word that encapsulates his unrivalled mentality as an athlete. In Italian, the ‘issimo’ suffix signifies the absolute superlative. No comparisons, no room for improvement, just the zenith of human performance and achievement. Frodissimo is the embodiment of Jan Frodeno’s obsession to push the extremes and be the best in everything he does. On the one hand, Jan is a sporting icon – a supreme triathlete with an Olympic gold medal and three World Championship titles. He’s also a true connoisseur who lives life outside of triathlon to 100%, whether that’s enjoying the finer things or drinking the world’s best coffee,” says Canyon.

Want one?

You better count your beans wisely and quickly, as the Speedmax CF SLX 8 Disc Frodissimo is limited to just 100 bikes, which fetches a hefty 9999€.

Note, owners also get a Frodissimo espresso cup and saucer, along with 250 gram bag of whole Frodissimo Explorer espresso beans, plus a mystery gift.

Unfortunately, coffee concierge service courtesy of Juan Valdez doesn’t come with the purchase – not even at this price. 

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