- - Carapate Offers Compact Bespoke Campers

Carapate Offers Compact Bespoke Campers

The equipment lines between bikepackers, adventure cyclists, earth travelers and global trekkers seem to be overlapping more than ever these days, particularly when it comes to the need for lodgings in the great expanse of the outdoors.

Yes, a tent and a rollup will usual do, especially if one is constantly on the move via two-wheels. But, there are those excursions that involve exploring regions where accommodations and access to resources are scarce, and the need for a real bed, a source for water and the means for cooking are a necessity.  

One of the more interesting camper designs to emerge these days, comes from the company Carapate, offering compact, bespoke models for those who want to camp in style and comfort.

The new French start-up offers two models, the Carapate and the Carriole, which both feature a rounded, trapezoid design that gives them a nostalgic yacht-like appearance, while their 65-square foot interiors have a modular sleeping layout, indoor/outdoor kitchen and copious amounts of window space, as well as a series of additional upgrade packages for enhanced function and comfort.

Additionally, the 10.5-foot trailer is built from marine-grade plywood, along with a lift-gate side entry that opens up to the outdoors. There are also large windows on three sides of the trailer that are outfitted with coverings for privacy and night-time darkness, along with enough room for two adults to sleep thanks to three single-sized mattresses that can also be stacked into an L-shaped sofa during the day. There’s also the option for having a third child to sleep next to the front window. Moreover, the front window also has a built-in storage area and platform that nicely conceals the camper’s single-burner stove, sink and a slide-out cutting board.

The platform can also be pulled out, allowing for cooking/dining al fresco, while other amenities include LED lighting, USB ports, solar panels and a compact electric refrigerator.

The trailer is also lightweight, tipping the scale at just 990 pounds, allowing it to be towed by almost any car. 

Unfortunately for us yanks, the Carapate campers are currently only available in Europe, which fetch a hefty price of €14,000 and €18,000 depending on the features. 





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