- - CeramicSpeed Launches New OSPW Aero Pulley System

CeramicSpeed Launches New OSPW Aero Pulley System

CeramicSpeed has officially launched its oversized OSPW Aero pulley system, which features a new fairing that’s design to optimize aerodynamics, reducing drag by a claimed 40% compared to a standard derailleur, resulting in a 7.2 second advantage over a 40 kilometer time trial claims the Danish brand. 

“The wind tunnel data, expressed in CdA, proves the shape of the pulley cage is more important than the size of the cage when it comes to total drag” says CeramicSpeed.

“While the original CeramicSpeed OSPW System was not developed specifically for aerodynamics, the sculpted aerofoil shaping presented benefits over the square edged stock pulley cage. To determine the maximum benefit possible, radical pulley cage designs were tested and showed to be exceptionally aerodynamic. However, the mechanical functionality limits for derailleur body clearance and chain path dictated the limits of the OSPW Aero cage design,” the company adds.

First spotted during last month’s Giro d’Italia under the auspices of bikes being ridden by Intermarché–Wanty–Gobert, the OSPW Aero was designed in coloration with renown aerodynamicist, Simon Smart, featuring an outer construction of carbon fiber reinforced PA, while the pulleys are aluminum, along with CeramicSpeed’s metallic-coated bearings.

The OSPW Aero is currently being offered for Shimano 9250/8150, Shimano 9100/8000 and SRAM Red Force/AXS groupsets, while no Campagnolo version currently available for $799.


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