- - CeramicSpeed Offers 3D Printed Titanium Jockey Wheels

CeramicSpeed Offers 3D Printed Titanium Jockey Wheels


CeramicSpeed is always pushing the boundaries in terms of drivetrain efficiency and performance, culminating into the company’s latest high end product – 3D printed titanium jockey wheels.  

While expensive 3D printed titanium jockey wheels are nothing new to CeramicSpeed’s range of products, this year’s $1700 version ascends to new heights in terms of cost.

According to CeramicSpeed, this year’s skeletal version was inspired by daisies, which resulted in a 10% reduction in weight over their previous iteration, along with a life-span that is said to be twice that of other metals.

Despite their high cost, we’re sure there are some enthusiasts out there who won’t flinch at the price.

For the rest of us financial mortals, we’d probably have to sell off one of our bikes.

The jockey wheels will be on display at this weekend’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show.





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