- - Chris Froome Wary of Disc Brakes in the Peloton

Chris Froome Wary of Disc Brakes in the Peloton

photo credits @ Team Sky 

Chris Froome is the most recent rider to express his concerns regarding the introduction of disc brakes into the peloton for 2016.  

Back in November, cycling’s governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), granted teams the approval to start ushering in the use of  disc brakes for the 2016 season. 

“I tried them on mountain bikes but not on the road bike,” Froome recently told the Italian newspaper, La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“However, as a matter of safety, I say that they should be used by everyone or no one at all. Having a group different brake systems would increase the dangers.”

Last summer, Team Sky briefly tested disc brakes onboard Ben Swift and Bernie Eisel’s bikes during two races. However, the British team has yet to fully implement disc brakes as standard issue for their 29-rider squad.

Some of the ongoing criticisms the peloton as a whole have expressed, is the weight penalty associated with disc brakes, as well as the confusion of having two different between systems in the peloton, and how it might pose problems for neutral service vehicles.

Another issue, is the fact that some component manufactures such as Shimano, who have not only fully embraced disc brakes, but are leading the way to see caliper brakes become obsolete, while other companies like Campagnolo, have yet to even develop a disc brake system.  

Other top riders like Fabian Cancellara (Trek-Segafredo), have also voiced their concerns about the unilateral adoption of disc brakes happening too quickly. 

Speaking on behalf of the Swiss rider, Trek-Segafredo’s Matt Shriver said, “we have to be careful about rushing into it.” “We have to be careful, but this is the future.”

“I would not rule it out [for Fabian in the Classics, like Paris-Roubaix], but we’ll see. I can’t divulge too much of our plans. I don’t think it’ll be our team, but I would not rule out a leader using them in other teams.

“The advantage of discs comes when the weather is wet. If Roubaix is wet, it’ll be good to have them. Also, you can use them in normal conditions to brake later ahead of the corners,” Shriver added.

“It’s unlikely, though, for Fabian because there is still a lot of testing and [Roubaix is] such a chaotic race, so you are adding more issues to an already busy race that pushes everyone’s resources. It’d be better if everyone is on them in that race.”

“It’s not going to be an all-in approach. We are still going to be testing in 2016, and that’s how it has to be,” Shriver said.

“In 2016, teams will be trying them out, more teams than this year, and riders will probably be asking to use them. In 2017, I think we’ll see entire teams fully on them. For sure it’s possible. It’ll help if a rider does well on them in a big race next year, that will spur it on.”


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