- - Chris King Dazzles with Color-Matched Robert Axle Project Thru Axles

Chris King Dazzles with Color-Matched Robert Axle Project Thru Axles

Chris King Precision Components has partnered with Robert Axle Project to produce a new line of axles for drop and flat bar bikes in a selection of King’s most dazzling component colors.

“We’re about making the best products possible in a responsible way and collaborating with people who feel the same. Robert Axle Project is an Oregon company, and these are high-quality axles, customized with end caps that match our iconic stem cap shape. Not only do they look good, but they’re also of exceptional quality and stiffness compared to other options available,” says Greg Hudson, King’s Sales Manager.

The colors for the initial product release are 3D Violet, Matte Turquoise, and Black, and they plan to add more colors in the future. There will be five axles for drop bar bikes (142 x 12 and 100×12) and five more for boost and super boost mountain bikes to cover most of the bikes on the market. All Axles will have an MSRP of $65.00.

“This is part of our effort to become the upgrade of choice for mass market, available-at-retail bikes, too. Many riders associate us with the handmade market, which we absolutely love, but our mission is to improve the ride of every bike our components grace. Our objective has always been to help bikes of all types ​ last longer and ride better, which is also Robert Axle Project’s goal,” Hudson adds.

The newly available axles will fit all Yetis, Santa Cruz, Pivots, Transitions, most handmade bikes, all ENVE forks, and more…




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