- - Cinelli Nemo Tig Road Frame is Steel Refreshed

Cinelli Nemo Tig Road Frame is Steel Refreshed

In an era were composites rule the roost, it’s refreshening to see a steel bike that harks back to the days when marques mattered, and they possessed some degree of homogeneity over their products.

While the Cinelli name has taken a few twists and turns over the last decade or so, venturing out in ways that seemed more focussed on capturing the interests of hipsters than cycling enthusiasts, its Nemo Tig road frame looks to reclaim some of the virtues that the once iconic brand had in the peloton – albeit with more modern take on metal now. 

Comprising oversized, triple butted Columbus Spirit steel tubing, the Nemo Tig is made entirely in Italy, relying on old-world welding techniques and craftsmanship to bring it to life.

Cinelli offers the Nemo Tig in a range of standard geometries, as well as custom requests. 

Granted the Nemo Tig now uses a carbon fork, along with a few modern touches like a press-fit bottom bracket and internal cable routing, but travel back a few decades and ask the peloton if they’d mind? Doubt it. 

The Cinelli Nemo Tig is steel refreshed. 




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