- - Classified Releases Test Data on Its Powershift Hub

Classified Releases Test Data on Its Powershift Hub

For the first time since introducing its Powershift hub, the Belgian technology company Classified has released key measuring data that proves the efficiency of its innovative drivetrain. 

Classified CTO Roëllvan Druten explained the background of the testing, “drawing on our experience in the automotive industry, Classified has tested the Powershift hub to the highest standards, using a test rig specifically designed to measure power loss with a maximum error of 0.1%. The results of these tests show that the hub is 99.8% efficient in the1:1 ratio, the same as a DT Swiss 240 hub (industry standard) measured on the same test-rig, and 99.2% efficient in the 0.7 ratio, making Classified’s hub the most efficient internal gearedhub ever created.”

Van Druten also points out the proven efficiency datais just a part of the benefits that Classified’s Powershift Technology can offer, “next to the overall efficiency increases, one the biggest advantages are the lightning fast shifting under full load and ultimate control of gearing choices.”

This year saw Classified really make its mark on the professional racing scene, with Victor Campenaerts racing Powershift Technology at World Tour level, Kyle Smith racing the technology to victory in Ironman events and Rob Britton winning the ultra-distance gravel raceBadlands. With the release of specific mountain bike and triathlon products in the summer of 2023, Classified is now present in thefourmaindisciplines of cycling –road, gravel, MTB,and Triathlon/TT.

A summary of the Powershift hub efficiency data can be found here, or for the full scientific white paper, click here.

If you wish to learn more about the testing process and the results,then technical calls with our efficiency team are available from now. Please get in touch below to book a time slot.Please contact Yannick Mayer on+49 151 44 90 77 03or yannick.mayer@classified-cycling.ccfor all Classified press enquiries.

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