- - Continental Debuts New AERO 111 Tire

Continental Debuts New AERO 111 Tire

After partnering with the aerodynamic specialists at Swiss Side and DT Swiss, Continental is debuting its latest AERO 111 tire, touting it as a new benchmark in tire system performance. 

According to Continental, the AERO 111 features a patented tread incorporating 48 cavities equally distributed over the tire surface, allowing them to act as vortex generators that control the turbulence of the air as it hits the front wheel, promoting better adherence of airflow to the front wheel rim profile, while delaying flow separation to maximize the sailing effect.

Elsewhere, the AERO 111 utilizes Continental’s Vectran Breaker puncture protection technology and tubeless-ready capabilities, as well as its race-optimized Black Chili compound for the lowest possible rolling resistance and exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions. Plus, the new tire takes advantage of the brand’s Active Comfort Technology to absorb vibrations for a smoother ride. 

Available in two widths, 26-622 and 29-622, the AERO 111 has been designed to create the world’s most aerodynamic system when used in combination with DT Swiss Aero or Endurance wheelsets. But, the tire can also bolster the performance of virtually any wheelset. 

Hannah Ferle, Product Manager, Continental Tires, said, “with AERO 111 we’ve added a high-performance road tire to our portfolio that can do it all: it’s aero, grippy and fast. This collaboration enabled us to expand on our already race-proven technologies to build a tire unlike any other. Next time you hit a crosswind you‘ll have no excuse for not riding on the front.”

Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side CEO & Founder, adds, “the development of the Vortex Generator features found on the AERO 111 tires spanned over 4 years. The result is a perfectly optimized design for both the 26mm and 29mm tire versions, which delivers a game-changing aerodynamic enhancement of the wheel performance, at all speeds.”

Dr. Matthias Meier, Chief Marketing Sales Officer & VP, DT Swiss, explains, “looking back on numerous years of research and joint product development with Continental and Swiss Side on this project, we are thrilled to introduce nothing less than the world’s fastest road tire. This tire signifies our collective pursuit of ultimate performance and our commitment to push the boundaries in aero technology.”

Key Features

  • Weight: 250g for 26-622, 280g for 29-622

  • Dimensions: 26-622, 29-622

  • Color: Black/Black

  • Technology: Black Chili Compound, Vectran Breaker

  • Aerodynamic tread designed in partnership with Swiss Side

  • Tubeless Ready 

  • Hookless rim compatible 

  • Made in Germany 

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