- - Continental Unveils Special Edition Tan Sidewall Grand Prix 5000 Tire

Continental Unveils Special Edition Tan Sidewall Grand Prix 5000 Tire

Traditionalists can finally rejoice, now that Continental has unveiled a special edition tan sidewall version of its Grand Prix 5000 clincher road tire in celebration of this year’s Tour de France.

“The special edition Grand Prix 5000 is a fashionable asset for those wanting a super stylish ride and harks back to a classic era of tire design,” says Continental.

“Along with cycling fans across the world, at Continental we’ve been looking forward to this year’s Tour de France since the close of 2019’s epic stages. And although racing is not taking place this summer for everyone to enjoy and get excited about, we didn’t want to hold off introducing our first Special Edition Grand Prix 5000 this summer when the Tour de France would have taken place. We are proud to present and launch the colored sidewall version– a stylish product for the stylish ride all cyclists deserve,” adds Continental’s Oliver Anhuth.

The Grand Prix 5000 Special Edition Tour de France tires sell for $79.00 each, and are limited to size 700 x 25mm.

Key features:

– Tan sidewall and Special Edition Tour de France stamp
– BlackChili compound
– Vectran Breaker, a synthetically produced high-tech fibre that is tear-resistant but minimal in weight for stronger puncture protection
– Lazer Grip micro profile structure to provide ‘outstanding’ cornering
– Active Comfort Technology embedded in the tire construction to absorb vibrations and smooth your ride
– 25 – 622
– 3/330 Tpi
– Weight: 255g

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