- - Coombe Millenium Pedals Return

Coombe Millenium Pedals Return

After missing in action for more than a decade, Coombe Millennium pedals are back on the scene.

I remember marveling at their simple, industrial design, which to me, appeared to possess a level of artistry above and beyond other competing minimalist pedal designs. Think Speedplay.

While, I never had the good fortune of actually riding a set of Coombe pedals, I recall many who regaled their virtues.

The latest iteration, which is aptly called the Millennium II, according to Coombe, continue to extol all of the features of the original pedals, but with some additional engineering refinements.

Indeed, perfect interface between foot, shoe and pedal, along with rock solid retention in a compact form still punctuate the Coombe pedal system. However, an improved bearing design, combined with a new adjustable cleat set-up, have added to their indestructibility and quest for perfect biomechanical efficiency.

In the past, cyclists, especially “sprinters”, flocked to these pedals for their incredible power transfer and zero free-play characteristics, as well as their near to impossible unintentional release.  

The Millennium II’s are available directly from Coombe, along with a newly developed set of “walking” cleats. Dig !

Hmm, a test review may now be in order.  😉

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