- - Craddock Cycles Morphs into Filament Bikes

Craddock Cycles Morphs into Filament Bikes


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A couple of years ago, we wrote an article about Craddock Cycles, based upon our admiration for a brand who could extolled the virtues of custom, carbon fiber fabrication outside of the clutches of the Far East. Moreover, they were doing it in a way, that allowed customers to truly have a bespoke frame, which could be tailor made in terms of geometry and carbon optimization, along with boundless choices in color and graphic design.

Nothing has changed with respect to that, only the name.

While the Craddock name made sense, since it was emblematic of the man behind these beautiful creations, Richard Craddock, the new moniker Filament, also carries a sense of panache as well. After all, carbon fiber does break-down in terms of filaments.

Filament continues in the same fashion as Craddock Cyles, offering some of the most exquisite artisan made carbon fiber frames we’ve seen this side of the Great Wall of China.

The Brits may still be lousy cooks, but they remain one of the most passionate lots when it comes to cycling.






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