- - Crashtag ID"s for Cyclists

Crashtag ID”s for Cyclists

If Ron Popeil had stuck around long enough, he would have undoubtedly tapped into the bike culture. And, long after the Pocket Fisherman and Chop-A-Matic, he would have created something along the lines of the Crashtag ID.

On serious note, the Crashtag is important, because it can provide first responders and emergency medical personnel first hand information about a cyclist who has become injured, by virtue of the medical data that’s inscribed on its backside. Moreover, to meet the demands of the tech world we all live in, there’s also a QR code that can be scanned on the tag, which in turn can direct emergency personal directly to the cyclist’s Crashtag page. This feature can then link them to the cyclist’s Facebook, Strava, Twitter acounts, and more.

In addition, this feature can also be used in a social setting, by say, having other cyclists simply scan your code – thus giving them the ability to pass on future ride notifications and events.

The Crashtag is made from high grade titanium, so it won’t rust or corrode over time. Better still, the end has been fashioned to act like a bottle opener, so cyclists can crack open their favorite brew after a ride.

Lastly, the Crashtag is customizable, offering an assortment of different colors, designs, lanyards and chains.

If Mr. Popeil were pushing this product, he’d say, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to show you the greatest Crashtag ever made … All your information inscribed to perfection …using the finest titanium steel ….. ect…..ect….

By the way, where is ol’ Ron these days ?

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