- - Critic Calls Wiggins' Pinarello Bolide Hour Record Bike Illegal

Critic Calls Wiggins’ Pinarello Bolide Hour Record Bike Illegal

photo credits @ Team Wiggins

Steve Collins, coach for the former Hour Record holder, Alex Dowsett, raised a few eyebrows this week, following his comment during a BBC interview, that he felt the Pinarello Bolide HR Wiggins rode during his Hour Record triumph – was illegal.

Indeed, Collins said in the interview, that the bike Wiggins used for the Hour Record, “went against the regulations”.

“One of the sad bits about it was that Bradley’s bike wasn’t in production,” he told the BBC.

Wiggins’ bike was developed in partnership between Pinarello and the British automobile marque, Jaguar.

Yet, despite being modeled after Pinarello’s production Bolide time trial frame, Wiggins’ bike featured additional modifications and changes, that went above and beyond the production version.

“For attempts like that it should all be production available so you can buy it off the shelf. You can’t get 3D-printed handlebars molded to your own arms to make it easier for your own attempt.”

Article 1.3.007 of the UCI regulations state, that a bike “designed especially for the attainment of a particular performance (record or other) shall be not authorized.” According to the UCI’s rules, the bike must become commercially available within nine months of Wiggins’ attempt – though that doesn’t mean the public will be able to purchase one at their local bike shop.

A press release posted on the Pinarello website when the bike was unveiled, indicated it was approved by the UCI.

Wiggins’ crushed Dowsett’s previous record of 52.937 kilometers, with a new benchmark of 54.526 at the Lee Valley VeloPark last Sunday.

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