- - Crono Cycling Shoes: The Epitome of Italian Style

Crono Cycling Shoes: The Epitome of Italian Style


There are more cycling shoe brands out there, than Imelda Marcos could possibly have had enough feet for. But, aside from the big name players in the cycling footwear industry, there are some smaller ones like Crono, who are turning out some stellar looking shoes. And, if one were to dig a little deeper, they would discover, that over the years, the Italian brand was responsible for making high end shoes for other more well-known brands too. Think SIDI.

Based in Callalta in the Treviso region of Italy, Crono offers a range of shoes that span road, mountain bike and specialty models.

However, in addition to featuring the latest high tech materials and function, from what I’m told by Crono’s North American importer, Andre Gingras of ARG Sports, the fit and performance of the shoes, are what truly sets them apart from other brands.

And, if you’re a sucker for “fluo” like I am, the look of the Futura 2 is enough alone to seal the deal.





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