- - The Cycling Art of Carole Perret

The Cycling Art of Carole Perret


As cycling art continues to bristle us, we pride ourselves for featuring what’s become almost a weekly vernisage of glorious two-wheeled inspired artwork.

The latest comes from Swiss artist Carole Perret, who’s work carries forth a striking interpretation of Primitivism – with a particular fascination with nuns.  

Perret was born in 1951 in Bern, Switzerland. Under the tutelage of a “master”, she learned the old-world technique of painting on wood called Tempera. This almost-forgotten technique was used in the era of Quattrocento, before oil painting had been invented.

Today, Tempera is barely a medium any more, mainly because it requires tremendous technique and meticulous preparation.


Perret paintings are often categorized within the family of Naïve art (or as we said Primitivism), attended by reoccurring surrealist figures.  

Here, bicycles and nuns are presented within a magical, childlike universe of impertinence, yet nothing ever crosses the line


Over the decades, Perret’s work has been shown in galleries throughout Europe, with privately owned pieces finding their way as far as the USA, Brazil, Japan, the Middle-East and more.




Carole Perret

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