- - Cycling Canada "Bicycles 60"

Cycling Canada “Bicycles 60”

Don’t know why the folks at South Park are always making fun of Canada ? When it comes to cycling, the frosty nation is as passionate about the sport, as any other country. Maybe even more…

Here’s an interesting video, that was made in collaboration by Alter Ego and Cycling Canada.

– Alter Ego teams up with Cycling Canada, Innocean and Director Mark Zibert to create a breathtaking display of cycling, with no riders! The entire VFX team at alter ego was tasked with bringing these rider-less bikes to life. The team used several approaches from creating and animating CG bikes, digitally removing stunt-riders, and creating masses of bikes using the latest crowd simulation technology. All these elements were integrated with beautifully captured locations across Canada.

For this project the talented team of artists at alter ego created a new VFX-Colour EXR Linear workflow to allow full creative and technical control, allowing everyone to work on the same source file and reducing the need for multiple renders.

From the majestic mountains in British Columbia to the newest velodrome in North America, we see cycling in its most epic form. Hop on and enjoy the ride.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 

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