- - DeAnima Cicli Arrives in North America

DeAnima Cicli Arrives in North America

After years of working together, Gianni Pegoretti parted ways with his brother Dario in 2005, and began running a frame-building workshop in his home-town of Trento, Italy. His students? Troubled youth, even some recovering drug addicts, but mostly kids who were just bored and getting into trouble. Gianni would say he learned just as much about teaching as he did about building frames, and this small workshop under the guise of San Patrignano, designed as nothing more than a charity exercise, would end up building for venerable Italian “producers” such as Olmo, Fondriest, and Carrera, mostly in aluminum, then adding carbon rear seat and chain-stays.

Gianni could see the end of aluminum coming, and wasted no time. He began working with the University of Trento on the development of full custom carbon tubesets, one of the first in Italy to do so. As such, his workshop began building custom carbon framesets for a number of major brands, and even raced by a number of Pro Tour starts, part of a quiet new renaissance of Italian frame-building history that could finally take shape. When Gianni finally left San Patrignano, he realized that carbon custom bike building now had a major audience, and from there, DeAnima was born, teaming Gianni with star pupil Antonio Attanasio, along with Pegoretti’s former UK importer Matt Cazzaniga, to create this unique bespoke brand.

Jumping ahead to the present, DeAnima Cicli has finally reached these shores under the auspices of Canada’s Blacksmith Cycle, which will oversee distribution for the bespoke Italian brand for North America.

Comprising no fewer than 18 individual colors, DeAnima offers some of the most incredible paint schemes imaginable. In fact, the company’s “stock” paint options seem to be milestones ahead of even the most sophisticated custom paint programs offered by other brands – and with NO additional charge. Plus, all of the paint work is done in-house, meaning lots of customization opportunities, incredibly fast lead times and no use of decals. Indeed, only hand-painted logos and inscriptions can be found on a DeAnima frameset.

For example, while DeAnima’s “base” one-color paint schemes feature a simple, clean aesthetic, in the case of carbon, a touch of artistic endeavor can create a design that shows-off the frame’s 3K or raw finish.

For those really looking to get their Ya-Ya’s Out, DeAnima offers six special art series paint schemes called the M.R., Jean, Jackson, Bice, Smith and Carpet for a modest uncharge of $200.

In addition, customers can really put the company’s palette to work with requests for one-off paint designs for an extra $500.

On both the carbon and steel side of things there are huge variances with what comes out of Italy these days, let alone the Far-East.

In this case, Blacksmith Cycle was keen is seeing the artisan quality in DeAnima’s frames that distinguish them from other builders.

For instance, when it comes to carbon DeAnima sources all of its materials from only the most established suppliers, working closely with top carbon engineers in Italy to create their proprietary designs, which are all made in-house at their state-of-the-art facility. 

In the end, this gives them the ability to custom design each and every DeAnima frame to achieve a desired handling characteristic, as well as the ideal geometry for each client.

Additionally, while many builders rely on a tube-to-tube construction process, DeAnima follows a modular design approach, meaning sections of the mainframe are pre-formed together to ensure maximum stiffness and minimal weight, allowing each frame to be “tuned” in order to exact a specific ride quality in accordance with the client’s geometry as mentioned. 

However, it should be noted, that DeAnima’s standard geometries are well devised, offering a wide-range of sizes to suit a vast majority of riders. 

For steel, DeAnima works closely with Dedacciai in Italy, which has lead to some exciting developments.

For instance, the tubing used in DeAnima’s DeFer lineup is not only extremely oversized, but it also features a custom Deda chainstay and seatstay designed to integrated into the custom stainless steel hooded drop-outs designed by Gianni for his frames.

DeAnima’s current range of carbon and steel bikes include the Unblended, AMG- 01 Road Disc, DeFer Strada, DeFer Gravel and Soul Gravel Disc, all of which can be custom made according to the client’s “fit” and desired artistic flair.  

You can learn about DeAnima’s range of bikes by visiting Blacksmith Cycle’s website here.

Special thanks to Blacksmith Cycle’s Michael Yakubowicz, who contributed greatly to this article. 

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