- - DMT Launches New D1 Road Shoe

DMT Launches New D1 Road Shoe

DMT must be taking design queues from the apparition of Steve Jobs these days, because the Italian brand no sooner launches one innovative cycling shoe, they’re already fast at work creating an even more spectacular version of it. Kind of like what Apple does with its products. 

In previous reviews, DMT’s R1 eclipsed virtually every other road shoe in its class in terms of comfort and performance. In fact, the only shoe that may have surpassed it in some categories, was the company’s own flagship RS1

The good news is, the new D1 retains all of the things that made the R1 an excellent shoe, such as the rigid full carbon sole, reinforced heel cup, anatomic sock-liner and precisely constructed upper that put comfort and breathability on equal levels.

However, the D1 comprises a new rotary BOA dial system, which better positions the laces across the upper for even better comfort and adjustability.

In addition, the D1 appears to have undergone a slight change in the profile of its upper, especially in the area of the heel cup that now features a lower rise around the ankle, which to some may equate into less pressure around that area. 

The D1 retails for $349.90, and its available in three colors, blue, black and white.

We can’t wait to review a pair. 😉     



On the new D1 model, the larger lace rotor has been directly inserted into a slot on the upper so that the neck of the foot is perfectly wrapped up with a closure that ’s comfortable, perfect and fast.

  • SOLE anatomic + aerated + quarry – 3 holes + carbon UDFAW 150 + rear studs interchangeable
  • HEEL reinforced to close better foot + closure external profile
  • UPPER upper construction close on the top to be perfect for narrow foot + lateral holes aeration
  • PADDING inner foam for maximum comfort + micro injections anti-slip
  • SOCK-LINER anatomic + light and breathable + bottom part in polypropylene 100% + holes for a maximum aeration of feet
  • TONGUE performant cover material + transparent




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