- - Eddy Merckx Bikes Announces New Corsa Range of Columbus Steel Bikes

Eddy Merckx Bikes Announces New Corsa Range of Columbus Steel Bikes

Following the relaunch earlier this year, Eddy Merckx Bikes has announced the revamped Corsa range, a series of bespoke models that span road, all-road and gravel that feature Columbus steel tubing.

Over the years, the Corsa bikes have earned a strong reputation. In the 1980s, the steel Eddy Merckx bikes were regarded as some of the most sought-after on the market. Now, they are produced on a larger scale at Eddy Merckx Bikes.

“In recent history, Corsa was very niche: we only made custom bikes in extremely limited quantities. We noticed in the past period that the demand for steel bikes has increased, and we have answered that demand,” says Jochim Aerts, CEO of Belgian Cycling Factory.

Three Models, Five Sizes

Dubbed the Cosa Mendrisio (road), Corsa Pévèle (all-road) and Corsa Strasbourg (gravel), the models are available in five sizes ranging from XS to XL, with geometry that mimics their carbon counterparts, while each frame is meticulously crafted from a mix of Columbus SL and Zona steel tubing. 

Purists will know, SL stands for Supper Leggera, or super light, Columbus’ most famous double-butted seamless cold-worked tube set. In turn, Zona represents the Italian brand’s workhorse tube set, offering excellent strength and durability. Yet, the weight of the triple and double-butted tubes is relatively low, resulting in the ideal balance between weight and strength.  

“The mix of SL and Zona tubes creates a fast, agile, and comfortable bike. This is characteristic of steel bikes: they provide extra riding comfort and are very durable. That lively and smooth feeling is unique to Corsa bikes,” said Stefan Aerts, brand manager at Eddy Merckx Bikes.

Made in Belgium

For over forty years, the steel and titanium frames of Eddy Merckx Bikes have been handbuilt by master frame builder Johan Vranckx. Vranckx was plucked from his class by the “Cannibal” himself for the expertise he acquired under the tutelage of De Rosa Cicli.

Vranckx builds the Corsa bikes in his workshop near Brussels. Afterwards, they are painted and assembled into finished bikes at the Belgian Cycling Factory factory, making the process 100% Belgian craftsmanship.

Online Configurable

The new Corsa bikes are available through Eddy Merckx’s online configurator, allowing customers to choose the design, colors and assembly of their bikes.

“Steel frames are often appreciated for their timeless appearance,” explains Aerts. Thanks to the different designs and colors in the configurator, the customer can choose how classic or extroverted they want to go in the design of their bike.”

Ordering a Corsa bike can be done directly through the Eddy Merckx website or through an authorized retailer.  




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